Sunday, March 1, 2009

A delusional government or a nation of fools

According to this Canadian Press article we are being asked to believe that the same conservative government that could not foresee the coming of the largest recession since 1929, a government that did not start working on an economic plan until they were forced to by the opposition parties, somehow had the foresight to start searching for spurious, material about Ignatieff three years ago.

Two unidentified conservative spokespeople claim that there will be three themes to their attacks: that Ignatieff is an out-of-touch elitist; that he flip-flops (they will cite his shifting positions on a carbon tax, on coalition with the other opposition parties, and on Israelis bombing of Lebanon); and that he's a fair-weather Canadian. Their reason to start these attacks now: We poll better on offense.

The conservatives are delusional if they think that this attack ad strategy will be successful, this time around.

If it ever did succeed, we would truly be the fools, that they must believe we are.


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Dave said...

Heh! Conservatives do have their priorities you know.