Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ballpark Burger

Fifth Third Ballpark in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is serving a burger at concession stands this season with five beef patties, chili and nacho ingredients and much more.

The park, home to the West Michigan Whitecaps, is daring fans to attempt to finish the burger, promising a free t-shirt to anyone who succeeds.

The Fifth Third Burger shown on the video and named after the park, contains nearly 300 grams of fat, 744 milligrams of cholesterol, more than 10,000 milligrams of sodium and 4,800 calories.

Heavy meals and light posting today.



Torontonian said...

People who eat it will get a grand rear in Grand Rapids.

What's with this masochistic desire to kill oneself with such bad food?

Saskboy said...

We wonder why Americans are too fat on average? I don't wonder.