Friday, March 6, 2009

Alberta MP ducks the point at tar sands hearing

Conservative MP Brian Jean, whom I presume also represents Syncrude at the hearing, as well as the residents of Fort McMurray, was testifying in Ottawa yesterday about how many birds are killed around the world each year.

According to Jean 500,000 are killed by cats, 200,000 by Toronto skyscrapers and he thinks it is unfair that because 500 birds are killed in 10 years at the oil sands, the companies are on the front page of every newspaper in North America and many in Europe.

I think you are missing the point Mr. Jean.

Ignoring the fact that the 500 ducks died within minutes of landing in the tailing pond and that the tailing pond was big enough for a flock of 500 ducks to land in, it is the rampant, uncontrolled, destruction and pollution of the land, air and water that most concerned North Americans are focussing on.


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Partisan Hobo said...

Mr. Jean is a precious addition to the Conservative party. His comments in the House and at committee hearings consistently divert attention from the real point and inject harmful partisanship into every discussion. "Missing the point" is what he does best.