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Protecting the US Heartland

The US Department of Homeland Security fresh after the launch of their new TV series DHS and one day before the new Obama administration takes over control, has launched their first unmanned, drone, called the Predator, to protect the North Dakota border from the influx of weapons, cocaine and drugs pouring in from Manitoba.

Where most Canadians would question the purpose and cost of such highly technical surveillance of the Manitoba farm lands and swamps that span the once unprotected border, it is quite evident that the DHS has been paying close attention to recent media releases (a quick google search of Marijuana Manitoba will result in almost 64,000 hits, while a similar search for Ontario nets 12,000).

How wide spread is the drug trade in Manitoba? Consider Dauphin, Manitoba a small town of 7,200 Canadians where a drug bust this summer netted a cache of over 8,000 very small joints, at least one joint for every person in town. Not to mention that Manitoba was also the home of the first federally managed marijuana mines.

Of course there could be a less altruistic purpose behind this somewhat over the top move by the the DHS, TV ratings. Personally I blame this on the CBC and their move to portray the Canadian west as some kind of Mecca for multiculturalism. Damn the Little Mosque on the Prairie. Apparently Fox is planning to run a US version of the show. Although the new show may not be competing in the same time slot, it will most certainly be competing with DHS in theme and basic messaging to the American public.

Just trying to connect the dots.



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