Saturday, February 14, 2009

Keeping lying dogs awake

Yesterday parliamentary secretary Pierre Poilievre repeated the accusation that Tom Zytaruk, doctored the Cadman interview tape,. The one where Harper admits that he knew about the offer to buy Cadman's vote.

It is proven that the tape was doctored, but happily the issue is resolved now, Poilievre told the Commons.

Of course making the accusation in the House of Commons, where parliamentarians have immunity, Poilievre cannot be sued for anything he says. When challenged by NDP member Joe Comartin to step outside the chamber and repeat the claim, Poilievre slipped out the back door and avoided the waiting press.

Unfortunately Tom Zytaruk, who taped conversation and continues to have his reputation besmirched by these attacks cannot afford the legal fees to go after the conservatives for defamation of character.

Yet regardless of the facts, that the tape was not doctored, (at least according to audio experts appointed by both the court and Harper), that his party tried to buy a vote from a dying man and that he as our prime minister may have lied under oath when giving his testimony in the lawsuit, Harper still hasn’t put a muzzle on his personal parliamentary secretary.

Fortunately if Poilievre keeps this up, Tom Zyraruk just might get the legal assistance he needs to defend his reputation and that would be just.

Keep barking Pierre.


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