Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meanwhile we still have right wing ideologues in power

Despite the fact that the Harper government was humming a more conciliatory tune in yesterdays throne speech, we still have his draconian, right wing, social conservative, ideologies to deal with. Like the case of Kim Rivera a US war resister living in Toronto.

Kim served a term in Iraq and then came to Canada because she did not want to be redeployed. She has been living in Ontario with her husband and three children, including a six week old girl who was born in Canada. Well yesterday she lost her appeal to remain in Canada and will be deported next Tuesday. A similar fate to Christopher Teske, living in BC who has just also lost his last appeal.

So what happens to Kim and the other war resisters after they are charged and serve 15 months or so in jail. Are they allowed to renter Canada or does their criminal record bar them from doing so? And if they are allowed to return, what was the point of kicking them out in the first place.

There are more reasons to get rid Harper besides the obfuscation of his economic fiscal mismanagement.



L-girl said...

Hi, Kim did get a stay, she does not have to leave tomorrow. It's a temporary stay, but it does buy her and her family more time.

To answer your question, once deported, a person cannot return to Canada without special permission from an Immigration Minister, and that would only be on a visitor's visa. This is especially bad in the case of Robin Long, who has a son in Canada.

Thanks for posting about (and caring about) the war resisters. To stay updated, visit resisters.ca or my blog under the "war resisters" category.

Thanks again.

JAWL said...

Thanks, I thought you would have the answer. Follow your postings often.