Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Harper appoints head of listeriosis coverup probe

From the Globe and Mail here, we learn that the new head of the toothless inquiry will not have the power to call witnesses, nor compel them to testimony.

She will get information based on the good will of the participants who may or may not tell her the full story, said Bob Kingston, union president for the meat inspectors.

In other words the inquiry will not investigate how the deregulated changes that were secretly implemented by the Harper government at the Maple Leaf meat processing plant may have played a role in allowing the listeria to go undetected for so long. Nor will it look at the governments decreased role at the western slaughterhouses to inspect for BSE (mad cow). Nor will it look into how this broad based deregulation is increasing the risk to Canadian lives in other industries such as pre-flight air plane inspections. Now performed by the cash strapped airlines, not government inspectors. Nope, I don't think the inquiry is going to look into that aspect.

To all the Harper apologists out there, if you think I am over reacting, hop on a Canadian airline and eat a processed beef sandwich.


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