Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Canada sends its oil salesman to the inauguration

Jim Prentice was in Washington today to explain his perverted, environment equals energy pitch to the new Obama administration.
To say the least, there is lots to discuss and then later to do," Prentice said. "And hopefully, one of the many points of agreement for action will be commencing a co-operative, bilateral approach to the environment and energy, in ways that spur on economic recovery and renewal. 
Prentice who is supposed to be our Minister of the Environment, hopes that supplying oil to the US could be part of bilateral plans that would also seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create cleaner fuel.
He said the two countries also need to discuss concrete action plans to reduce not only greenhouse gas emission levels, but North American dependence on foreign oil. 
In other words our Environmental Minister either can’t, won't or is not allowed to say the word environment without saying the word energy, in the same sentence.

The fear of course is that the new US administration will actually try to do something about pollution and that Canada’s reputation as a purveyor of dirty oil will only escalate. Defending Alberta’s oil tar sands production, Prentice noted that that the tar sands is a reality that is not going away and the US will find that oil from Alberta is important to its future.

Don’t worry Jim, I think the Americans fully comprehend the priorities of Harpers Canada. The only confusing part might be the fact that it is our National Environment Minister that is down there, hawking Alberta's dirty oil.

This government is truly embarrassing.

Oh yeah, Happy Obama Day. JAWL

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