Monday, December 1, 2008

You got to know when to fold them

Harper was in parliament today, accusing Dion of playing the biggest political game in history and is claiming that the decision to hold a non confidence vote should wait until the end of January.

Harper had the gaul to try and defend last Thursday's fiscal update, saying it included help for seniors hit by the worldwide financial turmoil and other measures to stimulate the economy, such as doubling infrastructure spending to record levels next year.

Sorry this is a government that committed $75 billion plus to the banks without as much as a nod to the opposition parties that they said they would work with let alone presenting it to people’s representatives in parliament.

A government that then had the arrogance to stand before the Canadian people and claim that it’s plan for the impending “great depression” like world wide collapse, that it's leader was so concerned about in Peru, consisted of eliminating the right to strike for government workers and withdrawing funding for political parties.

No Mr. Harper it was you who thinks political leadership is a game and Canadians are loosing their jobs and have lost their their patience with your gamesmanship.

You loose walk away.



Anonymous said...

Harper had a french person defending the update? Poilievre, I guess?

Beijing York said...

I think that Harper's weakness, as other authoritarians before him, lies in the belief that the average citizen is stupid. How else can you explain his past performance and his newest round of desperate attempts to shore up support.

He has no common touch because he truly believes he is better than the rest. That's definitely my impression.

And thanks for your kind remarks JAWL. I don't get around to posting very frequently but I'm very appreciative of the encouragement I get when I do post.