Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Prorogation delay will only hurt more Canadians

The prorogation of parliament will only delay the implementation of the economic strategies outlined by the new coalition government.

Even if the Governor General agrees to Mr. Harper's expected request to prorogue this session of the legislature, the prorogation will not nullify the confidence vote on the Economic Update presented last week.

In fact it would have to be brought down, or voted upon at the resumption of the legislature in late January.

It would be highly unlikely that the conservative government could present a revised economic action plan prior to addressing the existing confidence vote on the update and also highly unlikely that the coalition would or could vote in favor of the update, which they have emphatically stated non confidence in.

In other words Mr. Harpers ploy and only reason for the prorogation would be to stall for time and then upon the return to parliament immediately disband and call upon the Governor General for an election.

The two options being presented before Canadians have now become whether we want a government that can and will immediately start working on an existing economic plan to assist Canadian businesses to prevent more of us from loosing our jobs or do we want to delay any actions until after another unnecessary election takes place in March.

At this time, I believe we can no longer afford to satiate Mr. Harpers vanity and ego.

The Governor General should refuse Mr. Harper's request for prorogation and allow the confidence vote on the matter presented before the legislature to proceed

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