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Been a bit light on posting this week as I'm kind of busy, you know trying to sell stuff while we are in a recession. Sorry about that.

Here’s some notes from posts I was planning on doing.

 Prentice stumbles on to the world stage 

While spewing conservative rhetoric at the UN climate summit in Poznan, Poland, our new Environment Minister Jim Prentice stated:
We must bring to these negotiations a sense of urgency and a shared vision for long-term co-operation ... And we must ensure that our vision is informed by the best science and also by the traditional knowledge and voices of aboriginal people.
Unfortunately Jim's department refused to let one of it’s Senior Scientists, Don MacIver attend the meeting.
MacIver was to act as chair of the organizing committee for the World Meteorological Organization's climate conference and speak at the talks, with his travel costs being covered by the WMO, was refused permission to attend by Ottawa.
MacIver has since resigned. Yep way to keep informed there Jim. I really think you need some management training.

 New Rule for Taser Deaths 

A CBC investigative news report last week showed some police Tasers can discharge a more powerful electrical current than their manufacturer says and so various policing forces across Canada are now testing these lethal weapons.

New rule, from now on when someone dies after being tasered, before we start blaming the victim or the cops, will someone please check the voltage of the weapon used and then sue the hell of Taser International.

 Harper leading from behind 

The big story for the end of the week is the forthcoming meeting between Harper and Ignatieff to supposedly go over the budget details that will be presented to parliament in January.

Of course both sides are saying the other should go forth on making the proposals first.

I can understand Ignatieff, with no access to actual numbers and only being the liberal leader for three days. not having all his homework done yet. But come on Harper you’re the guy that went to Peru comparing this crisis to the Great Depression and you don’t have your plan ready yet.

Here’s a hint Steve, hold the meeting off until January 6th and then you can use Obama’s.

After all you are used to leading from the backside of US presidents.

 And lastly Ashcroft worked better stoned 

Apparently former US Attorney General John Ashcroft did an interview this week, where he spoke for the first time about the hospital bed side meeting, when he was asked by Gonzales to re-authorize a controversial domestic spying program.

Ashcroft refused to reverse the Justice Department's decision and soon after resigned.
So, I think the system worked, he said. And I'm glad that it did. 
It may not prove a whole lot about a lot of things. It may just prove that when I have a lot of morphine in my system, I make the right decisions.

Maybe I should have kept one of those at my desk throughout my administration. Make better decisions.
Ashcroft was always my favorite neocon, and this probably explains his Eagles song .



Beijing York said…
Hahahahaha! I forgot about the Eagles Soar song. Oh those heady neo-Con days of the first Bush Jr. administration :-)

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