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Other than the separation thing, I would vote Bloc

Over the last couple elections, I’ve heard both my liberal and closet conservative friends claim that it was too bad they couldn’t vote for Duceppe.

When you listened to some of the English debates he came across as the most confident leader and usually the one with the best social agenda.

Which makes sense since he has had a seat in parliament longer than the other leaders and he is trying to meet the needs of Canadians living in La Belle province.

He was he first Bloc member elected, back in 1990, when the Quebec coalition put together by Mulroney broke up.

Plus most of the Bloc’s platform and initiatives would be supported by at least 60% of Canadians.

  • Wants economic aid to manufacturing
  • Wants economic aid to forestry
  • Supports Kyoto
  • Protests violence against women
  • Supports rights for Indigenous People
  • Concerned about aboriginal health issues
  • Wants to protect unions
  • Wants to repatriate Omar Khadr
  • Supports Firearms Registry
  • Voted against extension of Afghan mission
  • Had a plan for dealing with soaring oil prices
  • For the decriminalization of marijuana

During the last election Duceppe can certainly take his share of the credit for blocking a Harper majority and now his support of a coalition government can remove Harper from office.

You’re having a great year Mr. Duceppe keep it up.

Socialists, separatists and god less Liberals, my kind of coalition, I feel thirty years younger.

Viva pour la democratie!

Reference: just killing time until the next Tory story breaks


penlan said…
JAWL - did you do this image? If so may I use it?

I'm originally from Quebec, now in Ontario but love Quebec & it's Quebecoise!
Beijing York said…
Duceppe is certainly my first choice for best leader out of all current and potential party leaders.

He has come a long way from the early attacks on him, always with grace and determination. Remember the attempt to ridicule him with the hair net? He ignored it and just kept plowing forward.

He's a class act -- he accomplished his goal of denying Harper a majority and is now quietly but effectively supporting the LIB-NDP coalition.
JAWL said…

Grab the image. Glad you liked it.

And Beijing York you always write more graciously and distinctly than I. Nice post yesterday by the way.

Geekwad said…
That was my 4th election spent wishing I could vote Bloc. Look, if the Bloc were elected to a majority, they would have no *reason* to separate, and we'd get all their cool policies.

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