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No contrition, no plan, just more arrogance

If Ignatieff was looking for any contrition from Harper for presenting his ideological financial update in November there was none demonstrated last night on the Conservative Television Network.

Last night Murphy and the Atlantic CTV affiliate, basically got their payback interview for harpooning Dion during the last days of the election campaign.

There was no stumbling by Harper or twisting of language and semantics by Murphy during this interview, it was a scripted message from a still arrogant prime minister.

His opening review of his government’s own economic performance set the tone for this partisan piece.
In fact if you actually look at the performance of the Canadian economy it was actually a better year than I thought it was going to be we’ve actually net created jobs, one of the few western countries that has, although we have recently started to see some job loses particularly in Ontario...

He then goes into deep thought to give us his new found prediction for negative growth at the beginning of  next year and better performance towards the end.
Which is exactly what the government’s EDC (Export Development Corporation) predicted five months ago, but unfortunately before the US went into complete meltdown.

A wise man would project that it would probably be worse based on the current situation, but even if Harper had heeded their message at the time, we would have at least, already started taking steps to lessen the impact of the recession that we are now in.

So does Harper have a plan.
There are some, as you know, efforts being made on stimulus packages world wide so I think we can afford to take a few weeks to consult with Canada and make sure we get it right...
That is the problem Steve, you should have already had the plan in place because in reality it might take more than two weeks to put one together, even with the Liberals help that you are now asking for.

The interview goes on as impolitical pointed out earlier, with more posturing from Harper.

However the most telling quote for me was when Harper was asked about the finance statement and what would he take back if he could.

Harper responded with continued arrogance and out right lies.
These are all things we believe in (pointing to himself) some we are prepared to delay for the opposition but the rest we are going to proceed with....

Of course we only found out later that they were planning to over turn the results of the election, ever since election night....
No Mr. Ignatieff there is no contrition being offered from this arrogant prime minister which does not bode well to alleviate future attacks on your parties very existence.

And unfortunately for the rest of us there is a lack of economic reality and prowess that does not bode well for ours.

Reference: CTV videos here



rgl said…
You are right, Harper is not contrite. He is simply trying to find a new platform for yet another act as king Steven.

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