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Maintain the coalition and Harper has lost

I heard my first conservative ad today.

The ad claims that Dion is trying to overturn the results of the last election and is being supported by the separatist party that is out to destroy Canada.

Although your first reaction is outright anger over the arrogant distortion of fact, hell the outright lies...

in the end it is the ridiculousness of their attack will come back to bite Harper and his conservative followers in the ass come January as long the coalition of the NDP and the Liberal parties remains in tack.

Regardless of whether Dion remains interim leader of the Liberals and therefore the Coalition or is replaced, the die has been cast for Harper's eventual removal and at a time when the opposition parties decide they can overthrow him in general election.

Come January when the legislature resumes the Coalition can maintain it's non confidence stance and the Bloc who are not part of the coalition can vote in support of the conservatives and can continue to do so until all three opposition decide it is time to throw him out.

Unfortunately now Mr. Harper your future now rests in the hands of the Bloc and I truly believe that Mr. Duceppe will enjoy supporting you at his whim, until he decides it is time to throw you out.

Meanwhile here's John Lennon recording Gimme Some Truth, since it is non existent right now.


Beijing York said…
I think that if Gilles Duceppe were to even consider supporting the CPC when Parliament actually opens its door again, he should make it conditional on the party being led by a new leader.

Now that would throw a nice monkey wrench into the whole situation. And frankly, after the assault Harper made on the Bloc in this past week, I don't think anyone in the country (except avid Harper supporters) would take issue with his stance.

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