Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Like fish in a barrel

I just spent the wee hours of the morning silently shooting down the outrageous statements made by the outraged Tories quoted in this mornings newspapers. Try it at home, it is fun and quite uplifting.

Here’s some to get you started:
Defence Minister Peter MacKay says he does not believe the opposition parties are acting in the best interest of democracy or the country by agreeing to form a coalition government.
Excuse me Peter, think back now... what exactly did you do in 2003, after winning the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.
Mr. Harper stated , I would certainly not want to find myself governing this economy today … under a situation where I was required to follow socialist economics and be at the behest of the veto of the separatists
Actually Mr. Harper that is the make up of the House of Commons that Canadians voted for and you sir by not winning a majority government were expected to govern under those same circumstances.

Instead your government ignored the economy, ignored the will of the voters and decided to play petty political games. But don’t worry about it. As the majority of our representatives have now lost confidence in your ability to govern, so it will not be your problem anymore.
Mr. Stelmach said in a reference to the separatist Bloc., Canadians did not vote for a minority coalition that will govern with the support of a party whose agenda is by definition opposed to the national interest,
No Mr. Stelmach Canadians actually voted for an individual to represent them in parliament and the majority of those representatives including the ones from the Bloc, have now lost confidence in the ability of the minority government to govern in the best interests of the nation.

It’s a called a Parliamentary system sir, and in Canada according to Section 17 of the Constitution Act, 1867, parliament consists of three components: the sovereign, the Senate, and the House of Commons.

There are 308 members of the House of Commons who are directly elected by the people, with each member representing a single electoral district, frequently called a constituency or a riding and the majority of those members have lost confidence in your guy.

So suck it up.

Gee, I love the parliamentary system .


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