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If the Liberals have any closed doors, please use them

The federal Liberal party has been a soap opera for the last three days and personally I am not a big fan of soap operas or washing one's dirty laundry in public.

It must be some carryover from the Martin regime

The cons must be laughing their asses off, although that really doesn’t matter since they are mostly assholes anyway.

However Jack Layton and the NDP might be getting a little concerned.

I would assume that the Liberals must be communicating with him since the NDP have been respectfully silent, while all this supposedly back room maneuvering plays out in hourly press releases.

At this precise moment in time, it looks like it will end with Michael Ignatieff as the new leader, but who knows by the time I spell check this post.

Being a non party member and just plain lazy I have no idea whether Ignatieff will make a good leader. I have never heard him speak or seen him in action, other than the conservative ads where Dion said governing was a tough job. Oh and he was for the Iraq war.

I like Bob Rae’s image, in fact I would vote for Bob Rae, but I doubt that he could win mayor of Mississauga (assuming Hazel ever retired) let alone lead the Liberals to a majority of seats in Ontario.

So if Ignatieff is your guy get it over with and start getting ready for a January election.

Then start working on a strategic voting strategy with the NDP that will eliminate the vote splitting.

You have the numbers by riding and you know which riding each can take. So even up on the ones you are going to go strategic on and fight for the rest.

Sorry 308 guys but it is either that or the two parties merge.

If Harper is truly wounded put a spike through his heart, because wounded or not he going for a majority.

It might not sound that democratic, but there hasn’t been that much democracy around here lately, anyway.



Beijing York said…
Hey JAWL, a very interesting article on Ignatieff here:

I had no faith in him holding to a coalition agreement but after reading that, I am more than convinced that he would be happier with a centre right/right coalition. Thing could potentially take a turn for the worse.
ADHR said…
Of course, this leaves one wondering whether the Liberal Party of Canada really has anything to offer voters beyond what the Cons are offering. In short, by picking Ignatieff, the LPC may have caused its own end, much as the British Liberal Party collapsed in the 1920s.

This could be good for the NDP, in the long run, but would be very bad for Canada in the short run.

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