Sunday, November 30, 2008

There’s a smell of freedom in the air

I have been busy all day, buying gifts for the grandkids, out there helping the economy, which for some reason is turning into weekly weekend chore.

Anyway it suddenly struck me that there was a something distinctly different today in the way people are interacting.

Canadians for some reason still believe that it is impolite to talk about politics in public, so no one was running around yelling Coalition, Coalition, Sign Up Now! Sign Up Now!

But I tell you there certainly was a feeling that something big was coming.

People were holding the doors open for each other, smiling, comparing purchases, talking about how they are cutting back this year because of recession.

And no one, not one single person seemed worried that the Harper government is about to fall.

Wow so this is what change and hope feels like.

Coalition now, sign the petition, we need to spread this feeling.



Beijing York said...

Check it out:

69% support a coalition government on the Winnipeg Free Press poll.

Support has been climbing throughout the day and the Free Press tends to attract quite a few right wingers. This is good.

Harper is on the defensive and needs to stay that way. I just hope the NDP and Layton don't fall for the tape (unethical, illegal, irrelevant or whatever) bait that the CPC tried to set today.

JAWL said...

6277 people responded, that does seem impressive.

You are right about tape BS.

There's one objective here get a government in place that will help the country prepare for what;'s coming at us.

I have never seen so much advanced warning about a recession/depression and on such a major world wide scale and Harper just fiddled around.

We've all lost confidence in his government.