Monday, November 17, 2008

Random notes from the weekend

Recession Pool

As we all surprisingly know an official recession is declared when a country's economy records negative growth for two consecutive quarters

So far, Germany who released their data on Thursday is the first G8 country to officially announce that they are into a recession.

Japan, the world's second largest economy officially announced it’s first recession in seven years on Saturday

Despite the fact that the US and Britain are both in recession, they won’t have to officially announce until January.

In Canada, Flaherty can probably hold off his official recession announcement until the end of March as he squeaked by last quarter, which will be accompanied by exclamations that our economy is the "bestest economy" in the world.

Con Con in Winnipeg

Read a lot about the Conservative Conference in Winnipeg over the weekend, but Dawg’s Blawg seems to have more coverage that the MSM.

I get that they are socially conservative but you think you would have some resolutions about protecting the environment, at least recognizing that we have one.

Obama the communicator

Obama released the first of his weekly addresses to the nation on Friday, via radio, (similarly to his predecessors) and via You Tube. Talk about new communication to younger voters.

Apparently he also sent letters to federal employees in seven government agencies, outlining his goals for change back in October.
Obama echoed in his letters a long-standing lament of federal workers -- that the Bush administration starved their agencies of staff and money to the point where they could not do their jobs.
Talk about getting all your ducks lined up. Truly amazing organizational skills.

Speaking of organizations, Parliament reopens tomorrow.

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