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How James Moore curbed John Bairds spending

It started back here when CNEWS (one of Quebecor’s units) decided to go after the CBC and one of their executives by digging up the 2006 expenses of a vice president of CBC.

Of course one of Harper’s immature ministers, James Moore who has taken over Heritage (responsible for the CBC) jumped in here to make points with his boss, by publicly scolding the CBC.

Well the Chairman of the Board at the CBC came roaring back on Friday, not only defending his executive but outlining in detail what the CBC has been doing to control costs and explaining why Quebecor ran the attack piece.
The CBC also pointed out that since they were added to the list of agencies subject to the to access to information laws after the Conservative government came into power in 2006, they have received far more than those received by other Crown corporations.

In fact more than 150 access to information requests this year alone with the bulk of these requests have come from two sources.

One of which is Quebecor, who are currently suing the CBC and the CBC executive that they attacked.
Of course James Moore, the seemingly over reactive new minister, would of known all this, if he had actually communicated to agency that is supposed to be responsible for, instead of trying for the ideological framing.

But it doesn’t end there.

Apparently the Star came out with a report that John Baird spent over $60 grand to fly to one environmental conference last year and now the government is announcing a total review of all traveling expenses for it's ministers and aides.

Well at least some good might come of this.

It would be both less expensive and less embarrassing to keep Baird at home.


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