Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hope versus apathy

According to the first projections on voter turn out, it looks like 136.6 million Americans will have voted in yesterday’s election.

That would give 2008 a 64.1 per cent turnout rate or the highest turnout rate since 1908,

There’s also a big shift in terms of demographic composition of the electorate with a large increase in black and Hispanic voting, with only 74 per cent of the electorate consisted of white males which is down from 81 per cent in 2000.

It also looks like young American voters have dispelled the notion of an apathetic generation voting in record numbers.

The Millennial generation (a term that we will quickly get tired of hearing) is making their mark on politics and shaping our future.

Meanwhile only 59.1 per cent of Canadians turned out to vote on Oct. 14, an all-time low.

A spring election would have produced a very different result in Canada, but unfortunately now we will have to wait at least another year before we can make change in Canada.

One can only hope.

Reference and numbers from Macleans here.

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