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400th post and strangers poking around

Welcome to my 400th post.

Hitting a 100th mark gives you the opportunity to pause and reflect on how the blog is progressing, where you're taking it or where it's taking you. Similar to other addictions posting regularly does seem to affect your personal life or lives (I happen to have two and try to keep them separate).

Anyway August and September were a bit rough when Prog Blogs was having server problems and only one in five posts were getting through. It's a bitch posting and not getting any feedback, but in keeping to our motto of consistency over relevance and quantity over quality we blogged on.

Hey if you want the good stuff check out the sites on the right.

Besides focussing on site visits and ProBlog votes really screws up your choice of topics and the rest, so I'm really trying hard to ignore the numbers, which is very difficult for an old salesman.

The original idea was to go after the hypocrisy of it all and leave the big stories for the pros on the blog roll, but sometimes you end up just going for the low lying fruit.

Thanks to Beijjing York I am now getting strangers checking me out for the Blog Awards, which is cool I guess and for which I thank her. But it would of been nice to get a couple better posts up.

And of course now the pressure is on, not to become last in your category, which could happen when you check out the other nominees. It's like being the last one chosen for the team.

If you're a stranger, thanks for coming by and don't feel obligated to vote. If you are a regular visitor feel obligated to vote at least once.

Oh and thanks for coming by regularly, I really do appreciate it.


Impolitical said…
love your blog! keep at it!

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