Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wassup 2008 - Obama change ad

They said the Obamma campaign had money for advertising during the last few weeks. Well here is some money well spent.

The ad was released yesterday, it's on 169 sites and had over 282,000 views so far.

Some 2008 US reality from the wassup boys from the bud Superbowl ad.

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cyberwanderer said...

Very well done. Liberal party here in Canada could really learn from Obama. One commentator called it the most well run presidential campaign in memory.

Republicans old formula of dirty tricks just isn't sticking anymore. They need a new way of decepting people. The scary part is their violent fanatics supporter is coming out acting like the world is about to end just because they are electing a black man and some even stupid enough to think they are electing a terrorist supporter. These people need to stop watching Fox news. Seriously.