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He might harm himself, so we Tasered him to death

This is the RCMP spokesperson explaining why officers Tasered a naked, unarmed man, with severe chest wounds who had just dove through a second story plate glass window of his home.

The police service dog was not able to control him for a variety of reasons, and there was clearly an understanding that potentially he could go and arm himself if he went back into that home, and we would be dealing with a far different potential situation here today,

Yes quite possibly a completely different situation, such as the man being in custody and alive.
Over the last six years the RCMP has Tasered 3,200 people. 0ver 1,300 of those people were Tasered multiple times. Over 525 of those people were Tasered three times or more and 31 people were Tasered over seven times. 2,200 of the people were unharmed.
The RCMP are not saying how many times the man was hit by the Taser outside the home today.
"We are aware of how many times he was Tasered and at this point we're not in a position to comment on what that was," the spokesperson said.
We are up to 20 confirmed Canadian taser deaths since 2001.

The report from RCMP complaints commissioner Paul Kennedy on the use of Tasers by the RCMP was originally asked for by Stockwell Day last November in response to the taser death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski who was repeatedly zapped and subdued by the RCMP at Vancouver International Airport.

The report was completed and scheduled to be released in June. However Stockwell delayed the release as he was out of the country. It was then supposed to be released at the Police Chief convention in August and again was abruptly rescheduled until after the election.

Safety minister my ass. 

With a Harper majority it won't matter what the report reveals, more Canadian will be Tasered to death.


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