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Couillard trashes Bernier, Bernier trashes Harper

Apparently the only thing that didn’t get get trashed in Couillard’s new book were the secret NATO papers.

Those Bernier took from his briefcase and handed to Couillard.

"Could you put all this in the garbage for me," he asked, before asking her to wait for the actual day of the pickup. "After all, they are confidential documents," Mr. Bernier said..

This statement fills in the gap in Bernier’s recollection of the event. Bernier could not remember or explain how the classified documents were removed from his briefcase and left at Couillard’s apartment.

This also justifies the opposition party’s calls for early intervention into Bernier’s relationship with Coillard and demonstrates Harper’s lack of judgement and lassez faire attitude in the handling of the affair (pun intended).

Her book that has been pre-released to the Globe also goes on the explain how Bernier believed he could replace Harper as prime minister, since Harper was after all an anglophone, and how he made fun of Harper’s eating habits and the size of his belly.

Bernier also frequently picked fights with the PMO and felt that Harper was a dictator who wanted to control everything.

I would suspect that the book goes on slamming Bernier for a lot more egotistical and childish behavior but the bottom line is that it gives us an inside look at the weak coalition of opposing factions that Harper has assembled in his desperate quest to become the leader of a national party.

It also explains why Harper has put a gag order on his candidates and why Lunn and Ritz self terminate when they are exposed to light. This is the weakest collection of ideologues put together since Bush’s second term.

But more importantly this demonstrates why this Tory party should no longer be left in charge, let alone get a majority.

Don’t worry the sweater vested guy is a strong leader.

Don’t think so, Mr. Harper, you are judged by the company you keep and the people you put in charge.


Guillaume said…
What shocks me more in this whole story is the cowardice of Maxime Bernier. He dated a woman who had very close tights with Quebec's more notorious criminal group (the Hells Angels) and he thinks this is just a private matter. When he lost his position in the government, he gave an interview where he hid behind his "Beauceron" identity to excuse his behavior, without even confronting the criticism he got. Making a mistake, however huge, is one thing, refusing to recognize it is much more serious, draping onseself in regional pride to hide his stupidity makes it unforgiveable. I hope the voters of Beauce will get rid of him, but I don't think they will, sadly.

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