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This is just way too convenient

According to this Star article Harper has received threats against his life.

For this reason he only makes announcements before small, hand-picked groups and addresses political rallies where every person in the audience has to register with officials from the local Conservative party organization.
"Certainly, my security situation changed radically once I became Prime Minister," he told reporters at a event, surrounded by young people wearing light blue Conservative T-shirts.

Looking a bit uncomfortable, he said: "Unfortunately, we live in an era where the Prime Minister of Canada faces strong security threats. I'm not informed about all of them.

"Obviously, there's always been potential security threats to people in high office. But when we're dealing in an era of global terrorism and these kinds of things, there are a disturbing number of threats to the country and specifically to whoever occupies the office of prime minister. This is unfortunate but it's reality."

Citing standard security precautions, aides to Harper declined to answer questions about how many death threats he has received as Prime Minister.
Let me get this straight, yesterday two writers from the Star here, finally take the conservatives to task about the limited access anyone outside of the invited few have to Harper speeches and even access to local Tory candidates.

And today we get the Star telling us that this is because Harper’s life is at risk.

I don’t buy any of this.

We are living in a dangerous time and there is a disturbing threat to our country, specifically from an ideological political party that is far too willing to distort the facts and a media that can so easily be manipulated.


Beijing York said…
I totally missed this bullsh*t.

Harper really does think he is running for President. I don't recall any other election where party leaders felt threatened on the campaign trail.

Also, who is paying for the RCMP detail on Harper's campaign? Is it the Conservative Party or taxpayers? And if it's the latter, is that not taking advantage of his position as PM?

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