Saturday, September 27, 2008

Globe announces Harpers imaginary oil embargo to imaginary countries

Let me get this straight, Harper is going to cut off exports of bitumen from the tar sands to countries that have lower standards for greenhouse gas emissions than Canada.

Even when considering the fact that the majority of developed nations have higher standards than Canada, he really is not prohibiting any country from buying Alberta's oil.
  • Transporting bitumen over long distances is a difficult process that requires substantial infrastructure, so right now such exports are confined to the U.S.
  • Countries like China would still be able to buy crude oil that had been transformed within Canada, like they are doing now.
Well thank you Mr. Harper for instituting a new imaginary trade embargo to imaginary countries.

It goes nicely with your imaginary plan to reduce tar sands greenhouse gas emissions that are actually allowed to increase under your plan as the tar sands production expands.

Oh and thank you Globe and Mail for so unwittingly reproducing this bullshit.

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