Friday, September 19, 2008

Baird must be in trouble as he gets the first preplanned spending plum

On Wednesday, Environment Minister John Baird unveiled a $1.9 billion extension of three homelessness and housing initiatives in his Ottawa West-Nepean riding.

The three programs: the federal Affordable Housing Initiative, the Homelessness Partnering Strategy, and the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance were all due to expire in March 2009.

These programs were not part of the $19 billion pre-election spending spree that Harper went on prior to his election call and contrary to claims by the prime minister they were not listed in the 2008 budget.

Instead they were approved by a special Harper cabinet committee at a meeting just days before the election was called.

The fact that Baird who is in charge of the environment was chosen to announce the spending at a youth housing project in his riding means that his polling numbers must be weak.

Way to go Nepean (I lived and worked there for seven years) and while you’re at it get rid of that little pissant Pierre Poilievre too.

You remember Pierre, he is the one that gave the second apology to Canada’s native people.

Reference from Globe here.

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