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Well at least he didn't sleep with the enemy

Afghanistan has finally replaced Asadullah Khalid the controversial Kandahar provincial Governor that had been accused by Canadian officials of torturing suspected Taliban prisoners captured by Canadian forces.

Tories withheld the information of torture from the Canadian public.

Documents surfaced that the Tory government was aware of the allegations of torture (since they actually were the ones that reported them) for close to a year, yet failed to advise parliament when discussing the extension of the Afghan mission and even withheld them from a Canadian Federal Court judge, hearing a case brought by a Canadian rights groups.

Earlier plans to remove Khalid were delayed.

The Karzai government had to delay plans to remove the governor when Harper’s foreign minister Maxime Bernier decided to hold a press conference in Kandahar telling the world that Khalid needed to be replaced to curb corruption in the region.

Yesterday Karzai finally replaced Asadullah Khalid with Rahmatullah Raufi a former commander of Afghan forces in the province.

Bernier was replaced much earlier by David Emerson.

References: New Governor from CNEWS here, Tory cover up from Globe and Mail here, Bernier Gaffe from the Post here,

PS: Just a Saturday reminder of how inept and secretive this Harper government is. We are supposed to be getting ready for your election call, right Steve.


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