Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tories start east coast swing of their cross country Screwed Tour.

Baird took some time off from the main purpose of his eastern trip to announce funding to protect wetlands on the south shore and pet Salty the Owl.

Unfortunately like most birds in captivity, Salty has little control over who is allowed to pet him.

Then it was back to business for the environment minister as he explained the weaknesses of the oppositions plans.
“The people of Nova Scotia get screwed,”  Mr. Baird told the Chronicle Herald editorial board Wednesday.
Of course this is a major improvement over Harper"s campaign rhetoric from previous elections which was "screw Nova Scotia, who needs them".

Harper is scheduled to make a speech in Fredericton today laying out what the Conservatives have to offer as opposed to the Liberals.

It is expected that the people of New Brunswick might get screwed too.

Reference: The Chronicle here.

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