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Tories launching new attack ads in Nova Scotia, today.

The Tories propaganda over policy campaign continues this week in Nova Scotia.

With their new found propensity for cartoon characters, I bet it will be a talking lobster this time around. 

The Tories are not the most creative lot and the ads tend to be same for each region of the country and will probably run something like this:

The lobster will call into a radio talk show host and say “I can’t believe Dion wants to tax the price of gas”. 

We had similar ads in Toronto, except with a different character.

From The Gazette here.
Liberals and Conservatives are tied when it comes to voter support in Atlantic Canada, according to the latest Ipsos Reid poll

The Conservatives believe they have the means to break that logjam by hammering Dion and Atlantic Canada Liberals on the costs of the Green Shift.
By means I assume that the Gazette is referring to the large amount of cash that the Tories can use for regional attack ads.

It certainly doesn’t apply to a cohesive environmental plan to curb greenhouse gases. The Tories are a bit light when it comes to actual environmental policies.

Anyway good luck to my Bluenose friends and relations, the ads get really irritating after the first two.

Reference the Montreal Gazette here.


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