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Apparently us atheists need to lighten up.

According to the National Post here, there is an atheist conference being held in Toronto this weekend.

Of course being a non practicing atheist, I wasn't informed about the meeting.

Anyway, Dr. Robert Buckman, a past president of the Humanist Association of Canada will be addressing the conference, appearing with his friend, fellow humanist and also a former president Dr. Henry Morgentaler.
The top Toronto oncologist, author and former collaborator with Monty Python's John Cleese, said the godless can be way too dogmatic and far too humourless.

So at a major conference of fellow non-believers this weekend in Toronto, Dr. Buckman hopes to deliver a simple message: Try to be more humble. Or as he puts it, "humble up."
Dr. Buckman (or the Post, not sure by the way the article is written) believes that with the recent rash of “anti-religious” books by authors such as Sam Harris ( The End of Faith), Richard Dawkins ( The God Delusion) and Christopher Hitchens ( God Is Not Great, The Portable Atheist) atheist’s are taking themselves too seriously.

Not to be defensive here, but the religious side seems to be somewhat serious too, with evangelicals taking over the right wing in the states, jihadists flying into buildings and all.

Not to mention our own religious wing nuts trying to ban movie sponsorship, reinstate anti-abortion rhetoric into our laws and freaking out about Dr. Morgentaler's appointment to the Order of Canada.

However I respect both of these gentlemen and in an effort to oblige the good doctor(s) I offer this joke.
Imagine you are introduced to three people, one is an atheist, one is a humanist and one is an evangelical christian and you want to learn who is who.

Simply tell these two jokes.

Did you hear about the atheist that died and ended up in heaven?
He just couldn’t believe it.

Did you hear about the Christian that died?
He’s dead.

Only the humanist laughed at both.
If you are interested in humanism, the following videos are from Dr. Buckman's examination of Secular Humanism in an effort to understand if it is possible to be a Moral and Good person without holding any Religious beliefs.

They were originally aired January 9, 2007 episode of CBC series "The Lens."

Without God - Part 1 of 5

Without God - Part 2 of 5

Without God - Part 3 of 5

Without God - Part 4 of 5

Without God - Part 5 of 5


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