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Taking the west out of the boy

Looks like Steve's new director of communications is having some effect. 

There was no "the West is finally in control" rhetoric this year at Steve's annual Calgary Stampede barbecue.

As reported by the Canadian Press here.
Freshly home from the G8 leaders meeting in Japan, Harper celebrated his third Calgary Stampede as prime minister Sunday among more than 800 party faithful and senior government members at his Calgary Southwest riding annual barbecue.
Harper told the crowd that he intends to deal with the "escalating problem of violent youth crime" when Parliament resumes in the fall.

Oh and Liberal leader Stephane Dion's new "Green Shift" environmental plan, will devastate the economy.

And here's where we have to translate:
Why? Because Dion's carbon tax is not an environmental policy. It is just a wealth redistribution program disguised as an environmental policy."
Meaning that he is going to take Alberta's oil wealth and give it to Ontario and Quebec.
Harper finished his speech by saying he has never felt more hopeful about his party, having broken the Liberal lock on power and demonstrated that there's a better way to govern Canada.
Meaning that the east isn't controlling Canada anymore.

This new guy is taking all the fun out of quoting Steve. Now we have to translate. With this pale pap, Harper could of had this barbecue down the street from my home in the GTA. 

Well, minus the cowboy hat and about 700 party faithful.


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