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Steve Jobs you've partnered with pirates.

The iPhone is a hand held computer. It is what the Newton development team, which became the Palm development team originally dreamed of.

It is what the Blackberry would like to become, except with the iPhone it is already here.

Right now with an iPhone or an Touch iPod for that matter, I can walk into a clients office and call up via the built in web browser their purchasing history from my server in the office. 

I can place an order while sitting across from them at their desk, I can receive confirmation that the order has been placed or even shipped and deliver that confirmation via email to their desktop machine before our meeting is over. I know because I demoed it last December.

And I realize that with the right SQL database connectors that I could do that with my Blackberry. However with the iPhone, it is graphical, with touch screen entry and very little typing. It is faster and easier to do. And that was not even using the iPhone SDK, that was straight browser, usable web connectivity.

Using the SDK, Apple demonstrated some new applications at their developers conference, such as a medical app, where a surgeon on a golf course could review xrays of tumors and actually show the patient or other medical staff how where they were going to make the incissions.

Another cool app allowed you track group of iphones via GPS and control access to them. You could keep track of all your service personnel or family members. If one of the phones was lost or stolen, you can kill it. Thus making it useless to the thief. There was also music and games, but the business and social applications are just the beginning to be released.

With an iPhone, I do not need to lug a LapTop (MacBook in my world) home or on business trip. My desktop is in my pocket, or attached to your belt if you are old school.

And Rogers thinks it a telephone, that plays iTunes, that I can use to iChat to my girlfriend after 9:00 o'clock at night. At least that is the way they have decided to build their service offerings.

As of 11:30 PM last night 29,110 people have signed the "Say No to Rogers" petition at

Get your act together Rogers, you are blowing a big deal.

And Steve (Jobs that is), I'm sorry this is one Mac guy that won't be buying one this year at least not from these pirates.

Update it is 11:47 and the number is 29,176


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