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Sometimes I wish there was a God so it could straighten it's believers out

Madonna House, an evangelical Catholic community in Ontario has announced that they are returning the Order of Canada that was presented to their founder.

Catherine Doherty, received her award in 1975, unfortunately she died in 1985.
"We're not out to bash anyone” said director Susanne Stubbs. “The unanimous opinion, [here] is that he did not do something good for our country. The medal has been dishonored."
Unfortunately the only one being dishonored here is Catherine Doherty. Not only is it an act of vanity to assume that you have the right to do such a thing, but you have now dragged your founders name down to the same level as the discredited priest in Vancouver.
"At this time we feel so bad about this happening to Canada that we want to return the medal as a symbolic gesture. We can't think of any gesture that would speak so loudly. What else can we do?"
Well one of the things you could of done was open your mind to the fact that a majority of Canadians [here] are proud of Dr. Morgentaler and believe that his life’s work strived to “end economic and social injustice” and “eliminate the lie of unequal dignity and rights of women”. One of your founders objectives listed on your web site.

But hey, like “St. Francis of Assisi” your apostolate “depends on donations to provide your needs” and I’m sure St. Francis returned to Rome every now and then to create a little publicity. And this should do that.

Meanwhile "a spokeswoman for Rideau Hall said no one has yet returned a medal since the announcement about Dr. Morgentaler's recognition. It had been reported that a Catholic priest in Vancouver would send his medal back but he has yet to do so, the spokeswoman said".

References: National Post here, Madonna House here.


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