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McVety shining the light under rocks again

Crawling back into the lime light, Charles McVety and his group are requesting that the Governor General, strip Dr. Morgentaler of his membership to the Order of Canada.
D.Min McVety says the abortion pioneer's conduct is unbecoming of a member of the Order of Canada.

According to McVety Morgentaler's admission that he broke the law and the fact he had his medical license suspended for one year by the Professional Corporation of Physicians of Quebec means he should lose his membership.
Ignoring the fact that the good Doctor has not received his well deserved honor yet, only an idiot would miss the point that this is one of the reasons that the good Doctor is getting the honor in the first place.

Surprisingly we haven't heard McVety joining the chorus to revoke Conrad Black's membership.

I can't wait until the Unrepentant Old Hippie Posts on this one.

Go get him JJ.

Reference CBC here.


jj said…
W00t! I'm on it, Willy!
Anonymous said…
Nice catch, the D.Litt from St. Petersburg is iffy.

And Brian Rushfeldt isn't stepping forward to respond to queries about his 'doctorate.'

Blog on!

Bene D
Beijing York said…
fake doctor scam

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