Saturday, July 12, 2008

Manly men and manlier, manly men ads

This is one of the problems with being old, you sometimes miss the obviously cool shit. I had no idea what a Viral Video was until today, or that a video could go viral. 

Or that You Tube is the DVD market for Ads. And just like some movies are released straight to DVD, some ads go straight to YouTube. However unlike the movie scenario, the ads that go YouTube are funnier, racier and better. Who knew?

Anyway here's the Pulled Heinz Mayo Ad about two men and a family "which went viral a couple of weeks ago and is now probably old hat" to  speak the speak. Heinz got 188,000 views on 113 blogs by pulling the ad.

And here's the new History Channel online ad for their Ax Men series. Hasn't gone viral, with just over 500 views but is now being promoted by Unruly Media, one of the leading seeding specialists. Funny ad.

The things you learn on a Saturday morning. About the posts title, that's was my attempt at a gotcha. Not really inaccurate once you view the videos.

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