Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Well on a positive front, it looks like a good year for the Poppy farmers

In the fall of 2006 Harpers, Privy Council Office wanted more positive reports from the reporters embedded with the Canadian forces. 
From the Globe PM's office sought 'a positive spin' from reporters

But late summer and early fall, 2006, had been a difficult time for Canadian troops in Afghanistan. Fifteen soldiers had been killed in seven weeks - producing a lot of media coverage about casualties - before Privy Council staff raised concerns with the Forces about how they were selling stories to reporters.

With a possible spring, 2007, election looming, the minority Harper government had begun a public relations blitz to sell the war and was eager for more positive coverage on how the controversial military mission was reaping benefits.
Of course with their mission accomplished and the Canadian forces now remaining in Afghanistan until 2009, the spin team quickly got hard at work spinning the truth on domestic matters (Baird's environmental plan, immigration reform, Canada's pornographic film industry, how keeping addicts alive in BC will get our children hooked to drugs, not to mention following Bernier around). 

Well at least with Bernier gone, they can probably cut back on the overtime.

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