Saturday, June 28, 2008

Reminder: NBC rebroadcasting, George Carlin on the first SNL, tonight.

"Saturday Night Live" pays tribute to George Carlin, on Saturday, June 28, by re-airing its premiere episode that featured him as host.

Remembering Carlin,  Lorne Michaels noted: "George Carlin helped give 'Saturday Night Live' its start as our first host. He was gracious, fearless, and most important of all, funny."

 Carlin performed three individual monologues on the program that also introduced audiences to the "Not Ready For Prime-Time Players".

The 1975 episode also features musical guests Janis Ian and Billy Preston as well as a landmark performance from comedian Andy Kaufman.
Here's George's first monologue if you really can't make the time tonight.


Beijing York said...

I love Carlin's dissection of the English language. The football vs baseball routine is just one example of so many.

Another thing about Carlin that I really appreciate -- he never felt compelled to scream at you.

jawl said...

You're I never thought of that.

To me, prior to the first SNL show, he was still the Hippy Dippy News guy. After that night he was George Carlin.

I'll be watching tonight.

jawl said...

Sorry "You're RIGHT, I never thought of that.