Sunday, June 1, 2008

Looks like my group is holding it's numbers

From the Canadian Press here, 23 per cent of us are still atheists.
"According to a United Church minister, Keith Howard, they (the numbers) aren't much different from previous polls about Canadians' beliefs. Howard says he senses that people who believe in a god increasingly imagine a powerful, but nebulous force for good - kind of like the Force in the Star Wars movies."
Whew, I thought our numbers might start to dwindle with all the talk about Chris Hedges, popular, book denying our existence. Although if the strange quote above from Howard is accurate, he could be joining us soon. 

Plus, for the first time, we are being governed by some evangelical politicians and I wasn't sure how much influence their faith based initiatives (C-10, and C-484) would have on our membership. 

I tried to contact the big guy and suggest that maybe we should get more organized. You know get the numbers up, set up some regular meetings, pick out a few theme songs, or start some rituals of some sort. But as is always the case, he didn't reply, and just sent me another scarlet letter.

Anyway it's Sunday, keep the faith or not. 

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