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Khadr Report Tabled: Guess who said what.

As expected the report by the subcommittee on the Omar Khadr case broke down between party lines, with a final report tabled by the majority made up of opposition members and a dissenting statement produced by the Tories. 

Here's the two statements:
“The subcommittee therefore believes that the Government of Canada has an obligation to ensure that its position on the case of Omar Khadr is consistent with its commitments to international human rights law, and its policies on child soldiers and on assistance to Canadians imprisoned abroad.”
“Mr. Khadr could become a litmus test on Canada's commitment to impeding global terrorism and the results of our actions today could result in consequences that are not in the long-term interest of the country.”
Guess which statement was made by the opposition parties and which one was created by the use of "pre-approved talking points" and a perverse belief that keeping Khadr in Guantanamo, is some sort of proof of our ferocity as a nation, in an ideological based desire to take a partnership role in a Bush led world, with it's never ending war on terror.

Oh shit!  I might of given away the answer. Sorry about that.

Omar Khadr will step into a Guantanamo courtroom Thursday for the ninth time in 2½ years, facing a new judge and a military commission system whose very existence is in jeopardy because of a rebuke from the U.S. Supreme Court.
And Canada remains the only western country to not repatriate it's citizens.
References from Globe reports here and here.


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