Monday, June 9, 2008

Here's one of the Tory ads. I think the medium is the message

Here's their "Hey You!" video.

How the hypocrisy of this is lost on the Tories, is beyond me?
The Tories have purchased ad space from the oil companies and are going to be run their ads on the video screens above the gas pumps in the Southern Ontario and Toronto markets. There will also be posters, T-shirts and placards. CTV Question Period.
Brian Laghi of the Globe, who was on the CTV panel, got it right away though. Here's his response when asked about the effectiveness of the new ads. 
"I don't know if this is going to work or not. But if I were the Liberals or the NDP, I would shoot back, myself: Yoohoo I'm big oil, and the Tories have paid us money to put these advertisements on top of pumps." 
Absolutely brilliant, the conservatives are providing the oil companies with additional revenue in their effort to attack the Liberals over future gas prices. 

Steve, gas is at $1.399 a litre, right now, on your watch, buddy and here's the only message that I will get from your ads, when I fill up this morning. 

"I'm handing over $75.00 and these bastards have just made more money by forcing me to watch a stupid ad, paid for by the Conservative Party of Canada." 

I never could get the Marshall McLuhan quote right, but I think if he was still alive, he would at least be chuckling right now.

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