Saturday, June 28, 2008

Even when lying he was classier than the group we have now.

Trudeau silently tells Conservative MP John Lundrigan to Fuck Off in February, 1971.

From the CBC archives.

"The prime minister interrupted me... by mouthing a four letter obscenity," says Conservative MP John Lundrigan. "He mouthed two words," adds another Tory MP Lincoln Alexander to a group of reporters. "The first started with the letter F, the second word the letter O."

The accused potty mouth, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, swears he did no such thing.

Trudeau says that Lundrigan and Alexander are being "very sensitive" for "crying to mama and to television."

When pressed by journalists on exactly what happened inside the House of Commons on Feb, 16, 1971, Trudeau mutters the soon-to-be famous phrase: "fuddle duddle."

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