Sunday, June 22, 2008

Compared to Harper, McCain sounds like the Democratic candidate

On Omar Khadr
  • McCain says he would favour returning Omar Khadr to Canada and closing Guantanamo. 

On public discourse during campaigns
  • Although often critical of his opponent on many issues, McCain didn’t once use profanity to describe Obama’s policies.

On environmental solutions
  • McCain said a sensible cap and trade emissions system is a critical part of a strong environmental strategy.
  • Harper blasted Ontario and Quebec's new cap and trade emission pact.

On renewable energy
  • We must also work to ensure reliable energy supplies and increase sources of renewable energy.

On Canada, US relations
  • McCain wants to harmonize our energy policies, just like NAFTA.
  • Well on that one they probably agree.
The only question would be “Who would be at the negotiations to speak for Canada?

McCain references from the here.

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