Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You see Pierre, boys have penises and girls have vaginas

And sometimes a person has been assigned one gender, usually on the basis of their sex at birth, when in fact they are really the other. 

Now read this part carefully Pete. It is the important part that explains why Ontario is re-instating coverage and why your latest blather, here is so embarrassing.

According to psychologists and physicians this condition is known as Gender Identity disorder and one of the treatments for this condition is Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS). You know, the thing that doctors do in the big building with the H on the side of it.

For Christ's sake Steve, I know Pierre Poilievre is the youngest sitting MP and all that, but could you not take him aside and have that, you know, little birds and bees talk with him. Or better yet, send him on one of your famous hotel room meetings.

The boy really needs an education.

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burlivespipe said...

... and everyone has an asshole -- except the CONservative caucus, which apparently has two per member.