Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's a scary world if you are a conservative or an evangelical wingnut

According to Day our somewhat paranoid Safety Czar and his site here, there is Organized Crime in my neighbourhood and I should post this page near my phone.

I bet it is those Jamaicans across the street. Strange they keep their lawn, looking so good and the kids are so polite or it could be that old hippie couple two doors up. He's nice and polite but he always looks a little stoned to me. And then there are the Italians on the corner, yep it's the Italians...

After Snark (as the cynics would say)

For Christ's sake Day (ref intended) I realize that your government only panders to it's patchwork base of supporters, but surely you could also inform your own somewhat inbred electorate (there were long isolated winters in the early days of the west), that 911 could be used for other emergencies as well. 

And as far as posting your notice next to their phone, come on it's three fucking numbers, memorize it or at least have them scribble it next to their Dial a Prayer number. 

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