Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Industry Minister in trouble: forgets to blame Liberals for gas pumps

Steve will be all over his Industry Minister this morning. Prentice was on Mike Duffy Live yesterday to explain how the cons will get tough on inaccurate gas pumps and he didn't blame the Liberals once, for the pumps, carbon tax credits or anything else. I can see Prentice getting less air time in the future.

You can read about Prentice's announcement here at CTV. There really is no plan. The stations will have to check the accuracy of a pump, every two years.

Below is the best part of the interview. Duffy sets Prentice up and actually gets him to say that there is no collusion in pricing between the oil companies. It is just the gas station looking down the street.


That's right Jim, it's the minimum wage employee working the night shift at my local Shell. "Oh look, Pedro over at Petro Canada has just raised the price again. Damn, I better phone the boss. What an asshole."

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