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Harper to teach Europeans about climate change

This can't be good.

From the Globe article here:
Harper plans to lay out the Canadian position on climate change when he meets with the leaders of four key members of the Group of Eight industrial nations before the annual G8 summit in July. Harper wants to have some frank discussions of what Canada's doing, because I think there's a feeling that people don't understand the depth and the range of Canada's national programs of action.
Guess what Steve the Europeans already understand your position.
“They're frankly getting very, very upset,” he said. “If Canada's not going to be serious about respecting the penalty for non-compliance, then frankly their view is ‘listen, get out then.' Because what you're doing is completely compromising the regime.”
Great, either Canada becomes the first country thrown out of Kyoto or Canada becomes known as the country that destroyed it.

PS: On a slightly positive note George Bush will have someone to sit next to this time.

You can just hear Harper turning to Bush now "Don't worry George, the oil is still going flow. No one in Canada even reads the reports. Thank God for the cold spring and the high price of gas. Oh and let Larry know I got a chuckle out of his Senate appearance, last week."


Anonymous said…
Nice myth, complete with a misleading graphic. In fact, Canada's position has a lot more in common with Europe, and Harper has sided with other nations to oppose the US more than once.

For example, Canada sided against the US Feb 07 in order to get them to agree to an international cap and trade system. The US was finally pressured into signing.

At the G8 in June 07 Canada agreed with other countries to cut GHG emissions by 50-60% by 2050, but the US refused unless China and India took on targets. Canada held out in an attempt to get the US to sign, but we finally signed the agreement when it was clear there would be no movement from the US.

In December '07 Canada signed the Bali Communiqué which lays the groundwork for post-Kyoto binding targets. The US insisted these be 'aspirational' but at least they signed it. Canada was, and is, advocating binding international targets.

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