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Government ads scare me

Thanks to Steve I now know what a "Juicy" is.

It's not like I  was naive about drugs (after all my somewhat mandatory Friday music post is called the Acid Test), but I wouldn't consider myself to be a drug user, at least not under the old Liberal government. And I could certainly pass a Olympic Snow Board blood test with the six month residue and all. 

But I never knew what a "Juicy" was and now unfortunately every kid that sees our government's new drug ads with sombre, wasted, looking 12 year olds explaining the different street names for drugs, also knows. 

But Steve's not worried about that. No these ads have one purpose and one purpose only and that is to scare us. Despite reports to the contrary Steve wants us to believe that drug use is on the rise with teenagers. Our schools are full of heroin users. There is no difference between marijuana and heroin. If you have children you need to be afraid, very afraid.

Just like the neocons in the US used fear to gain acceptance of their policies, Harper is running these ads to justify his new, draconian "tough on drug policies" that Buckdog is posting about this week.

It's working Steve, your ads scare the hell out of me along with the rest of your government's agenda.


Patrick Ross said…
Huh. So then we don't talk to our kids about drugs.

I think you missed the point. The idea about parents talking to their kids about drugs isn't so that they don't know anything. It's so they do know and can make informed choices.

Anyone with a lick of sense would actually support that. So I think it's pretty clear why you don't.

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