Thursday, May 15, 2008

God, Guns & Gall made Canada. Let's keep all three.

You get nothing but arrogance and impudent behavior from Day, our so called Safety Minister, all the time. His latest Government news release here about his changes to the gun registry is nothing more than innuendo and of course a disparaging line about the Liberals. His changes amount to forget about it for another year and when we get our majority we will kill it. (wink, wink)
“Our Government is committed to effective gun control and tackling the criminal misuse of firearms,” stated Minister Day. “We believe in targeting criminals, not duck hunters and farmers.” “Effective gun control requires high levels of compliance,” “These measures are designed to facilitate that compliance.”
No Mr. Day, your government is committed to pandering to your patchwork coalition of right wing neocons, god fearing, gun toting, evangelicals and the remnants of a conservative party that Mulroney destroyed. With similar hubris I might add.

Oh and don't worry about the duck hunters Day, there won't be any ducks left to hunt. At least in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

I know this is old news, but I just get pissed off when I see it on Government letterhead. 

Christ I feel like we're being governed from Macon, Georgia.

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