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Definitely not a good day, Steve

Yesterday was supposed to be big day for Steve. One in which Steve is shown as a leader in action, protecting our food supply. The intent in part, (my assumption here), was to overshadow the release of the presumably, forewarned, negative, economic numbers.

Unfortunately for Steve his two appearances on Global last night, revealed nothing more than an arrogant, regionally focussed politician, who is either unaware of the impact of the economy on the average Canadian or is in fact only capable of serving the interests of his very narrow constituency.

Just prior to this clip, Global shows the heads of the oil companies being called to an emergency Senate hearing. They show Bush actually going to the Saudis to ask for help with some crazy let's increase production idea and the Saudis saying no, not our problem. 

And then complete with arrows showing a 1.7% rise in inflation, oil supposedly going to $200 a barrel and the Ontario auto sector forecasted to decrease by 14.7%, we cut to Steve saying “Look on the Bright Side... generally speaking the Canadian economy is in pretty good shape”. 

Not a lot of bright side over here Steve, if you are an autoworker in Ontario, or if you drive a car or are on a budget.

And then when the next reporter does his lead saying "all political parties coming together to create a positive vision, about how they would create prosperity". They again cut to Steve telling us he's not going to panic or act like a drunken sailor, or "raise carbon taxes, just because somebody thinks that something should be done".

Well sorry, Steve, most of us, you know the 90% of Canadians, that don’t own oil stocks, or do not have jobs in the oil industry, think that something should be done. Something that actually helps the rest of us, not just the oil industry. 

And about this small clip, where you are going to protect us by making sure our fruit cans are labelled correctly. Unless those peaches are literally grown in my own back yard, they are going to start costing me more money. And frankly Steve I don’t care what the fucking label says, I’ll only be able to afford the cheapest ones.

Definitely not a good day, Steve. Even Global looks a bit pissed by the way they cut these pieces.


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